Wednesday, May 30, 2012

VP Biden Remarks for Gold Star Families...

Vice President Joe Biden was asked to give some remarks at a recent meeting of Gold Star Families for Peace, families who have lost a loved one who had been serving in the United States military in the Iraq war. Biden has a unique experience that certainly qualifies him to be a compelling speaker for such a group as Gold Star. Forty years ago his wife and daughter where both killed in an auto accident when a tractor trailer broadsided his wife's car.

Vice President Biden's comments:

Its not often I find a politician's comments to be so genuine, so heartfelt as Mr. Biden's were. Perhaps this was all just a dog and pony show, but I doubt it. I think losing your wife and little girl in the way he did leaves a mark on a man, that never goes away. I thought it very giving of him to share his experience, his feelings, his anger, etc. with the families that no doubt all have felt many of the same emotions.

I think Mr. Biden is probably one helluva of a decent guy. Who cares if he goes off script sometimes? He speaks from the heart, and doesn't seem to always be looking out for himself. (I say that because Biden is widely known as one of the "poorer" politicians in Washington DC.) I really respected what he said and how he said it to this group. From various reports I've heard on the event, the audience was blown away by the VP's remarks. They loved them.


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