Sunday, December 23, 2012

Why Not Renew the “Assault Weapons” Ban? Well, I’ll Tell You… « Kontradictions

Came across this blog during my morning reading, and I was impressed with the fairly clear-eyed positions the author takes. The writer, who blogs under the pseudonym "Kontra" at their blog "Kontradictions" describes themselves in this way:

"It’s not easy being a leftist who loves guns. It’s like being a Republican who listens to NPR or supports single payer health care. But being a leftist, I get exposed to all the liberal publications and media that invariably call for gun control every time someone does something stupid with one. Being a gun enthusiast, I also get exposed to the political Right’s oversimplification of those liberals as somehow lacking moral fiber or true appreciation of freedom. Rather than agreeing with both, I tend to end up arguing with both. It’s exhausting to always feel like I’m apologizing for the other “side”."

I agree that while we obviously want to reduce the chances of another Sandy Hook or another Aurora, Colorado from happening again, there is a "bigger picture" that merits the most attention. If there is a certain amount of support in the populace for some "changes" with regard to gun laws, gun safety and/or mental health services, we would be wise to spend that receptiveness for "change" wisely. 

Read the whole piece by clicking on the link immediately below:

Why Not Renew the “Assault Weapons” Ban? Well, I’ll Tell You… « Kontradictions:


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