Monday, February 25, 2013

Steven Brill's (Long) Essay into why our health care costs so much...

This is the longest feature article from a single author ever published in the history of TIME magazine. Some 26,000 words that attempt to explain why health care in America is the most expensive in the world, and almost twice as much as some other industrialized countries pay.

It is well written, and while I don't agree with some of his conclusion (especially his thoughts on tort reform) it is a worthwhile read if it brings the topic and discussion to a broader audience. The more we understand how the health care system works, and how it doesn't, the better we as readers can understand the ongoing discussion. The conversation isn't close to being over. Single payer advocates feel that with every passing day, they're one day close to a Medicare for All style of health insurance. Others feel that once the Affordable Care Act fulls deploys, it will be such a total disaster, that eventual repeal is just a favorable November General Election result away.

It is a contentious issue.

Take some time and work your way through this. Its worth it...


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