Monday, August 19, 2013

Paul Krugman on the Crow that Conservatives Will Likely Have to Eat...

New York Times economist and columnist Paul Krugman weighs in with a direct, no nonsense column aimed directly at those Conservatives who have painted the Affordable Care Act as a failed, catastrophe of a Law.

Krugman writes:

Is there an illegitimate way? Well, the G.O.P. can try blackmail, either by threatening to shut down the government or, an even more extreme tactic, threatening not to raise the debt limit, which would force the United States government into default and risk financial chaos. And Republicans did somewhat successfully blackmail President Obama back in 2011.
However, that was then. They faced a president on the ropes after a stinging defeat in the midterm election, not a president triumphantly re-elected. Furthermore, even in 2011 Mr. Obama wouldn’t give ground on the essentials of health care reform, the signature achievement of his presidency. There’s no way he would undermine the reform at this late date.
Read the entire column here, its well worth it...

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