Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Do Republicans Really Want People to Keep Their Old Insurance?

We all know the rollout of President Obama's signature legislative achievement has been a disappointing combination of both pathetic and laughable. Aside from the website debacle, we have the mess of "if you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance." A few additional words added to that quote from Mr. Obama would've made life a lot easier for the President's team.

Republicans and conservative media are really hammering the POTUS on the "promise" he made several times. We see a regular dose of people with cancellation letters telling their stories on Fox News. Gloom and doom are here, friends...

The White House has its work cut out for them. The need to figure out a way that they can permit this 5% of insured, the individual market as its known, to keep the coverage they most recently had? Its almost a certainty that additional subsidies would be needed to help pay for the continued coverages.

We'll find out pretty soon just how bad the GOP really wants these folks to keep their own insurance. If President Obama proposes an additional level of subsidies and the Republicans say no to the required money to fund it, the tables will turn quickly, won't they?

If the GOP says, no, we can't spend any more money on the ACA, that will take the White House of the hook.

Which is what I predict will happen over the next six weeks.

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