Thursday, December 5, 2013


Blogging, as you've probably noticed has been fairly light the last few weeks. Mostly the reason for this is the annual increase in my performance schedule. From mid November through New Year's Day, my schedule essentially doubles. Which doesn't leave much time for writing...

I have been reading, however, lol...

Of late I've been very frustrated with:

*The rollout, which defies all logical understanding. Obama and his team did themselves no favors by not being more hands on and more open to the true feelings and concerns of their IT team. The "you can keep it if you like it" mispeak/lie will hang around Obama neck for a while. Yet another unforced error by our President.

*The GOP's bogus reaction to people losing their insurance. First of all, its a fairly thin slice, less than 10% of the entire health insurance market, who lost their coverage. Secondly, where exactly was the GOP's outrage the last ten years or so as the individual market routinely tossed people off their plans when they felt like it? If it didn't outrage you then, it shouldn't outrage you now.

*I've given a lot of thought to the question of raising the minimum wage and I agree with many voices on the left that it should be increased. Several states have raised their minimum wage levels (Oregon and New Jersey to name two.) I suspect in time more and more will follow suit.

*I'm still looking for the first conservative to make the connection between Iran being allowed to sell its oil on the world market and lower gas prices here in the United States. As so many right wing armchair economists have told me for years, increased supply means a dropping of prices, which was the basis for increasing domestic oil production. Well, Iran is now allowed to sell its oil on the world market, which increases supply and look what happened to our gas prices. Down significantly the last few weeks. How about that?

*My partner Tim Dickinson is away on assignment until after the first of the year.

*Blogging will be light through the first of the year...basically, I'll post when I can...

Happy Holidays!


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