Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I'm Now Contributing at Polititalk.org!!!

I am pleased to announce a new publishing arrangement with the good folks over at Polititalk.org. Polititalk's stated mission focuses on a "healthier government and is certainly worth a read. Its a big tent at Politicalk and I'm happy they've invited me inside. There's plenty of interesting writers over there with lots to say. If you've been looking for a companion website to Reasonable Conversation, I think you'll find Polititalk quite comfortable.

Generally speaking, I'll be providing unique content for them in the fields of political analysis, commentary on the Affordable Care Act and any future healthcare reform efforts, as well as robust mid term and general election coverage.

First article was posted yesterday, and it addresses "the question" that I think all GOP Presidential wannabees will have to answer during their primary season.

You can find it right here...

Go read!

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  1. PolitiTalk openly welcomes you to the fold, Bill.