Monday, April 28, 2014

Ten Reasons Not to Vote For a Veteran...

 Interesting article from Stars and Stripes on the wisdom of voting for veterans in elections. Its not a hit piece, but rather, a fairly honest look at shortcomings veterans often possess as they run for public office. The trouble starts when voters can't see anything else other than the shine of the uniform. Not all veterans are suitable for public office despite their service to the country. The skill set required to be successful in Congress or in an office serving the public in administrative way, is different than the skill set required to be successful in the active military. No disrespect to the individual just because their service may not qualify them as well as some would like to think for the office they are running for. Each candidate with military service deserves as much scrutiny as any non-veteran does.

The author, Jim Gourley, is a veteran...

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