Sunday, September 9, 2012

Romney says parts of health reform will stay?

This morning on Meet the Press, Mitt Romney said he believes parts of the health reform should remain. He said he supports covering people with pre existing conditions, which therefore means he would have to support an individual mandate to achieve that throughout the health insurance industry. He also said he thinks children should be allowed to remain on their parents health insurance policies as long as they wish.

It seems to me he has flipped once more on the individual mandate concept and now is leaving it open ended for people to decide just how long they would like their children to remain on the parents health insurance policies, which is an even more progressive stance then President Obama supported in the Affordable Care Act.

This is a curious move for the Romney campaign. Perhaps if called on it by the media he may suggest that he was set up by Fox News with a "got you" question.

We'll see...


  1. Any ideas why the change of tune? If Romney had said anything like this during the primaries, we might be looking at Santorum as a candidate. Now that Romney has got the nomination, could it be that he is trying to appeal to independents with a more moderate stance?

  2. @Darren-That's exactly what I think he's doing. Its difficult to sell yourself as an "extreme conservative" and then take that costume off and reveal the "real" moderate Mitt Romney. He's trying to appeal to too broad a electorate and will, I predict, not appeal enough to any to win.