Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Romney Campaign Starts To Clean Up Mess...

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney's campaign has released "suggested talking points" for conservative pundits to use regarding questions about Mitt Romney's statement about the death of an American ambassador in Libya.

Romney's forte is not foreign policy. Period. His remarks of the last few weeks beginning with Russia being our biggest concern globally and now these comments for the situation in Libya both reflect  unflattering elements of his campaign and candidacy. I think it's unwise to go out on a limb, to go out of your way,  that is, to make comments on an issue that you don't have a lot of expertise on. In those situations I think it's usually best and traditional to make safer, less controversial comments.

Romney has not done this... and it's my thinking that he will pay a price for these mistakes in the upcoming foreign policy debate next month.

Click on the CNN link just below to read all the talking points that have been distributed to right wing conservative pundits...

CNN Political Ticker

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