Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Personal Comment...

Sometime in the next day, Reasonable Conversation will pass fifty thousand hits. (No, its not me hitting refresh over and over again, actually my hits aren't counted.) I've been at this for about 16 months and if you had told me when I started I'd ever have 50K hits, I'd probably have laughed.

Its a small blog, with a small readership. I know that. There are blogs that get over a million hits per day. That's never going to be Reasonable Conversation. I know that, too.

I've never made a penny on the blog and unless something really changes, I doubt I ever will. I could add advertising, but I think it junks up the page and I like the clean look that I have. I'm not doing this for the money, anyway. I do it for a few different reasons.

I'm an opinionated man, so how better to polish my thoughts than via writing? I'm told RC has an easy to take tone to it, which pleases me. I want it to be easy to read. I like to be informed and a blog like this seems to be a natural extension of my ongoing education. I've learned a ton since I started this in May of 2011, and hopefully some of you have as well.

While I acknowledge I lean to the left of center politically, I've worked hard to present a somewhat balanced viewpoint. There are pieces critical of President Obama and his Administration. There are pieces that praise Republicans. And regardless of what happens next Tuesday, I'll strive to continue in this fashion. Liberals sometimes do dumb things and Conservatives sometimes do really good things. Its the edges I try and stay away from. There's going to be LOTS to write about over the next few years, trust me. (Don't forget, preparation for the 2014 Mid term elections starts November 7th...)

Anyway, 50,000 hits seemed like a good time to take a moment and post something like this. To people who follow the blog, I say thank you. I really appreciate it. If you enjoy Reasonable Conversation, please tell a friend about it.

Everyone's welcome...

Thanks again,


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