Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Alex Jones, Piers Morgan "Debate?" on CNN...

You may have heard that CNN talk show host Piers Morgan invited radio talk show host Alex Jones to debate guns the other night. Morgan has come out in favor of banning military grade semi automatics, increased background checks especially through gun show and more money for mental health programs. Jones is a controversial figure who believes that 9/11 was a conspiracy on behalf of the military industrial complex. He also supports the petition on the White House website to deport Piers Morgan, mostly because of his position on guns.

The segment runs about 15 minutes.

Watch it:

 I think Mr. Jones did himself and many gun owners a large dis-service with his approach to this appearance. He does not seem reasonable or even, frankly interested in being reasonable. He appeared to arrive in ill-humor and with a speech of sorts to make. His rudeness only grew throughout the segment and viewers really learned nothing about the issue they probably knew already. Except that Alex Jones is a bit of a oddball who's wound a bit tight.

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