Thursday, January 31, 2013

Obama's Organizing for Action Group Screws Up... has a story that sure makes the "tech savvy" gang running the Democratic "Organizing for Action" group look pretty foolish. What happened? Well, the group was going to utilize the mammoth power and scope of the Obama campaign email database to buttress support on various issues, such as gun control and immigration. Somehow in the rollout from last week, something important got forgotten.

The result is that and have all been registered to some enterprising individuals who snapped up the domains on January 18, the day the news broke about the new group. The people listed as the contacts didn't respond to e-mails asking them what they intend to do with domains.

Wait, it gets better...

Three guesses what website clicking on any of those three links take you to?

Yup, the National Rifle Association homepage...

You couldn't make this shit up.

Just goes to show that these guys screw up bad just like the rest of us...


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