Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Guillotines Have Arrived In America!!! (AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!)

I suppose it was just a matter of time before our government actually and physically turned on us. This morning I saw a headline from "sharia " that asked the simple question, "Why did the U. S. Government Recently Purchase 30,000 guillotines?"

Guillotines is a powerful word that conjurs up images of major bloodletting and brutality. Not just your average, run of the mill bloodletting and brutality, but a very high caliber of bloodletting and brutality.

With the government already stocking up on ammo to shoot us, and building all the FEMA death camps to imprison us in when ever they decide its time, the notion that President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and the rest of the "fundamental transformers" would try and take advantage of a bulk discount at the local guillotine store seems, on the surface, absolutely plausible.

Its hard for me to write a serious article about this story. The paranoia and delusion that would have to be present in large quantities is unknown to me. I'm on record as not being afraid of my government. I surely don't think they're perfect, heavens no. We're fed a constant feed of hard to swallow levels of stupidity, ego and professional hackery, on a daily basis. Its not hard to find. But no, I do not think my government is going to declare marshal law for the purpose of finally controlling we the people, take over all the media shut down all the roads and lead us by the thousands to these fictitious FEMA camps we we stand a high chance of being slaughtered, probably with guillotines.

There's even this nifty video to help make the point that we should all be VERY afraid:

If you're the type the does think all of these things are about to happen, then I have some advice for you. You should gather up your guns and ammo and gold and "special" seeds for planting the first crops of our new world and go hang out somewhere far away with other people who feel the same way. Yes, to be clear, instead of playing with your self, you should go play with others of the same mindset. Preferably far, far away. Got that? Stop playing with yourself and find some other playmates.

The question, "Why did the U. S. Government Recently Purchase 30,000 guillotines?" has been answered. In short, its an old internet meme that's been around since the 1990's. For more on the hoax....

Snopes has it here....

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