Thursday, September 19, 2013

Creepy Uncle Sam Obamacare Ads...(Must watch...)

We're in the final run-up to the State based heath insurance exchanges opening up on October 1st, and as you've probably noticed, the anti-Obamacare crowd is pulling out all the stops to make the debut as bad as possible. Especially of interest are young people, whom the ACA needs (to some degree) to sign up for insurance, to offset the older, more sick (costly) people who will also sign up.

One such anti-Obamacare group, Generation Opportunity, a Virgina based political action group, has debuted two ads that are sure to make an impression. The theme is the same in both. An unwitting young person comes into a doctor's office for an exam, speaks with a nurse and says they signed up for Obamacare. The Nurse then wrinkles their brow, asks them to hop up on the table and prepare to be examined. In each ad, the patient looks apprehensive, but receives assurances from nurse that they'll try and make this as comfortable as possible. Then, after a pause, you'll never guess who shows up to finish the exam.

Ad #1 (The Exam)

Ad #2 (The Glove)

While I think the ads are well done, I'm curious just how concerned the folks at Generation Opportunity will be when some young person, who chose not to sign up for health insurance at GO's urging, falls seriously ill? Perhaps one of the Koch brothers will swoop in and cover all of their bills.

Don't hold your breath...


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