Thursday, September 5, 2013

President of Iran Sends Jews Rosh Hashanah Wishes...(Confirmed)

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

Twitter blew up last night when it appeared the President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, sent wishes of goodwill to all Jews celebrating Rosh Hashanah. Was it the real thing or
the work of someone else posing as Rouhani?

Here's the tweet in question:

After some reports saying it wasn't authentic, late today, Robin Wright, journalist and foreign policy analyst at the US Institute of Peace as well as the Woodrow Wilson Institute, confirmed with Rouhani himself, that the tweet and good wishes were real.

"Asked by ATC host Melissa Block whether we know that the account attributed to Zarif is real, she says "we do, because I asked him myself." Wright says she's known Zarif for some two decades and she contacted him via email "

NPR has a very interesting article about this right here...

Its refreshing to see a different tone come out of Tehran, isn't it?

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