Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Don't Mess With Texas...

 I leave this morning bound for Dallas, Texas via Charlotte, NC to hook up with my older brother and drive him back to Ohio, where we will attempt to live together for the first time in a long time.

A very long time...

Blogging is still light as the mid-term elections are still a ways off and real life continues to be in the way. Things will pick up, I predict before too long. The Republicans will prevail in the House, they have a good chance to capture the Senate and the Democrats look poised to pick up a few Governor seats across the country. I have some pieces in the pipeline I hope to have out shortly after my return to our compound here in Troy. One looks at the correlation of the growth of partisanship in Congress with the growth of talk radio. The other looks at the recent Pew Poll that looked at opinions about how we look at ourselves and each other politically.

I'll try not to offend anyone while I'm in the Lone Star State. I probably won't discuss politics or health care reform with a single soul. I won't bring up the number of uninsured, public education, etc. while I'm passing through.

Hopefully, none of the guns I hear about around here will be involved in anything unfortunate.

Do Texans have a sense of humor? Hmmm, should I find out?

Uh, probably not.


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