Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Three Bases, 450 Nuclear Missiles and Just One Wrench?

Last week we heard some amazing information on how three missile bases in the Western United States, forced to share a single unique wrench, would Fed-Ex it to each other.

US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel revealed that tidbit during a news briefing last Friday where he announced some major changes to our nuclear forces. The attention is long overdue for this area of the military where moral issues, performance issues, allegations of cheating on tests and reports of unprofessional conduct of a upper level officer all have received attention of late.

The wrench is, it seems, well, a "special" wrench that attaches the warheads to the missiles. The three bases in question, in Wyoming, North Dakota and Montana, where over 450 ICBM weapons are stored, had but one of these wrenches and would ship it around to each other as needed.

CBS News has this report:

That's just incredible to me...

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