Thursday, March 15, 2012

One example of how the Occupy Movement is failing...

This is a single example of how, in my opinion that the Occupy movement has failed to find its voice. The video below shows how a television crew was setting up for a live shot in Denver, Colorado when a few occupy protesters came up to the scene with signs that said "fuck the police!" Obviously those kind of images can't be used  on live television, so the shot was canceled.

A fairly tame exchange ensued with neither side agreeing with the other one and ultimately fizzling out. There was some mild cursing. The protesters felt it was there first amendment right to stand there and wave their vulgar signs. The intent had to be to disrupt the live shot and they succeeded. But it was hardly a success.

Watch the video...

We've seen plenty of video's where Occupy protesters have been handled roughly, maced, etc. While I don't advocate that sort of treatment, I'm still at a loss for what "the plan" is. I don't consider them deadbeats, druggies, hippies, etc. but the video speaks for itself. If they really think that carrying signs around like that and interfering with the press are good solid marketing ideas to advance the cause and mission of the Occupy Movement, well-they're dreadfully wrong.

At this point, they've become a punchline. They're only slightly more relevant than the crazy guy that walks around the city carrying a sandwich board that describes the many ways, both real and imagined, that society or some corporation has screwed him over. Once you say "fuck the police," you have stranded yourself and effectively their movement, on an island. You're not being reasonable. Its like the politicians who said Obama is a socialist who is destroying the country. How do you say that one day and then expect your constituents to sign off on a compromise a few days or weeks later.

Its all a god-damned shame. Many corporations do need to be taken down or at least to their knees. Income disparity is getting worse and worse over time and there are a great many sins for which Wall Street and Corporate America should be held to account for. That said, a movement with seemingly no clear cut purpose beyond "changing the world" that generally annoys most of the people that come into contact with their protests is never going to become the attractive, appealing, important thing you want it to be. Never.

This is just one example and it doesn't represent all of the Occupy movement. There are a lot of sincere, earnest people involved. But, it is I think, emblematic of the issues the cause is struggling with. There is something to be said for rawness, spontaneity and an ability to turn on a dime, but without clear structure, clear messaging and a clear cut set of conduct, its just a giant waste of time, innocence and hope.

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