Thursday, March 1, 2012

Reasonable Conversation Passes the Twenty Thousand Mark!!!

This morning Reasonable Conversation passed the twenty thousand hit mark.

Less than a year old, I started this blog last Spring to share my thoughts on the political landscape, issues (most notably healthcare reform) and general opinion. Its been a learning process, to say the least. I am truly shocked by the traffic this site has generated in less than twelve months. I didn't have a specific numerical goal in mind when I started last May, but I can promise you I wasn't thinking in the twenty thousand range.

I've tried to deliver on the intent of the original post when I said "I try to support my positions with facts. Research, peer reviewed studies, etc. are all tools of the trade." I think I've held pretty faithful to that goal and feel pretty comfortable with the rhythym of the blog. Sometimes I write alot, some days, nothing. I've tried to keep things interesting and enjoyable.

Over the next several months we'll see who will represent the Republicans against President Obama in November, we'll see what the Supreme Court decides about the Affordable Care Act and the consequences of that going forward. We'll see how gas prices, the situation in Iran and our economy all develop as well. Plenty of grist for the mill.

Thanks to everyone who makes Reasonable Conversation a daily stop.

Its very much appreciated.


PS: In case anyone is interested, the most popular post since I began has been my take on the alleged VA Administration Barring the use of God at Military Funerals. Also popular have been posts on Obama vs. Bush on Job Creation, the follies of using facebook to pay tribute to fallen military personnel,  and my ten year look back at 9/11.

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