Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jon Huntsman Interview...

Our hat's being tipped once again in the direction of Pete Dominick, host of Stand Up with Pete Dominick on Sirius/XM Channel 124 (POTUS). Today Dominick interviewed former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, who has served as US Ambassador to China and Singapore. He also ran for President recently but dropped out fairly early after failing to generate what he considered adequate support.

Huntsman was my favorite of the GOP field. The least prone to partisan attacks, yet the most willing to embrace science and research, his was a voice of moderation and intelligence. I hope we see him return to the national stage again in the future.

As usual, Dominick gives his guest tons of time and space to give the audience thoughtful responses. no shouting, no arguing, no gotcha questions. Just a very interesting discussion between two adults. Once again, an example of what quality talk radio can be. This is radio worth paying for.

Listen to Pete's interview with the Governor by clicking here...



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