Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Americans Warming Up To Obamacare...

From Greg Sargent's "The Plum Line" in this morning's Washington Post:

* Support for health law rising: One other key Post finding: In the wake of the Supreme Court ruling, voters are exactly split on whether they support the Affordable Care Act, 47-47. That’s a sizable swing from April, when Americans approved of it 39-53.
Also: While opinion tilts narrowly against the ruling, only 33 percent support repealing the whole law, which is Mitt Romney’s position and will get a vote in the House this week. Thirty percent support repealing unspecified parts of it — which could reflect dislike of the mandate.
Look for continued approval over time, as long as Obama wins re-election.  In a Obama second term, the PPACA will continue to churn toward 2014 when the State Insurance Exchanges open and millions have access to affordable, quality health insurance.  If Romney wins, look for him to take immediate steps, as promised, to repeal the ACA.  

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