Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Obama Ad Changes Tone, Hits Mark...

The newest political ad for President Barack Obama debuted Tuesday morning in most swing states...

 I really like the fresh direction of this ad.

 The focus on Bain Capital didn't really work and with the general election about 100 days away, its a good time to change things up. This spot reverts back to and embraces the often mocked "Hope and Change" flavor of President Obama's '08 campaign. No attacks on Mitt Romney, no scary music, etc. All in all, a pretty adult ad. Its a long ad, as far as July political ads go, with most being of the :30 second variety. This ad will cost the Obama campaign quite a bit of money, which isn't flowing in as it was in 2008.

As a recent NBC/WSJ poll from June reveals, voters are seeing both candidates in a more negative light with  unusually high "very negative" scores. President Obama's scores at 32%, Mitt Romney's score at 24%.

It remains to be seen if changing the tone has any measurable effect on future polls.


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