Monday, July 9, 2012

This doesn't make one patriotic...or not...

I've seen this image several times over the last few days and its pretty weak. Most of us agree that our highest profile politicians, especially our Presidents, should be noting these memorable anniversaries that have significance to our Country, our military, etc.

That said, pictures like these aren't about patriotism. Images like these are more about attacking a figure you don't agree with ideologically. Often, its people with direct ties to military service that have posted these on facebook or some other social media. There's a notion that since they've served, that they have a little more right to slam someone for something than those of us who haven't served.

I don't think serving this country gives any veteran a special right to do so. What serving this country does do is earn those folks an extra measure of respect. I've never heard one returning vet suggest military service was easy, so we should tip our hat to them. On the other hand, I'm not in the group that believes everyone who ever served this Country is a "hero". If everyone who ever served is a hero, then its nothing special anymore. If the guy who never left stateside and was in charge of handing out supplies for a facility is now a hero like a combat vet who sacrifices his life for his buddies, well...I say its not. And, we ought to stop it.

The President is our Commander in Chief. He makes decisions no one else has to. As I said earlier, we do like it when our POTUS pays tribute to our history on certain dates. But no POTUS does it 100% of the time. If we take Obama to task for this, shouldn't we also take George H.W. Bush to task for not attending a single Memorial Day service at Arlington? Shouldn't we take Ronald Reagan to task for attending only four of his eight Memorial Day Arlington services? Does the fact the Bill Clinton was present for all eight of his Memorial Days make him more worthy than these other Commander's in Chief? Of course not.

This sort of content is cheap and second...third rate, and destructive. It is, un-American...

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  1. He is hands down the most Un-American president of all time. with or without this ad.....its his agenda..his dream....his quest for his ideals, beliefs and vision. HIS..his ...his. There is no "O" in America and he needs to GO. and he can take the stupid Obama "O" flag with him !!!