Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Using Drones Abroad: Helping or hurting the United States?

The United States military uses drone aircraft to combat terrorism in several countries around the world,  most of them in the expanded Middle Eastern region. There are certainly pros and cons to such use. Its hard to argue that this technology saves American lives. At least short term. The team that is responsible for the craft and its mission are usually in a far less dangerous environment than traditional combat soldiers would be.

As I said, its a mixed bag when it comes to their use. Too many times innocent civilians including children have been injured and/or killed as the result of these weapons. While many "bad guys" have been eliminated, the fall out from innocents being hurt or killed has far reaching implications. Are our foreign policy objectives being well served by their continued use?

While its understood that there's collateral damage in war, the United States most certainly has not declared war on Yemen or Pakistan. Yet, we've launched several targeted attacks in their countries, sometimes with horrific and unfortunate results.

 Below is the video testimony of a Mr. Farea Al.Muslimi, who appeared at a hearing yesterday that Senators Dick Durbon and Pat Leahy held to investigate the use of such drones in Yemen and Pakistan. Mr. Muslimi attended school here in the United States, has an appreciation for America and is deeply concerned over he unintended consequences of drones, particularly in his home land of Yemen. He works as a youth advocate and a writer in Yemen...

Another perspective that many of us rarely get to hear...not the rantings of a crazy ideologue or jihadist, but an educated, thoughtful young man who describes the effect of drones on his village.

I wonder, in spite of the efficiency of the drones, could we actually be perpetuating the next generation of peoples who hate the United States? Are we safer or less so because of our policy?

Watch it here:

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