Monday, April 8, 2013

WSJ opinion column endorses carbon tax

Conservatives George Schultz (former Secretary of State for Nixon and Reagon) and Gary Becker (Nobel Prize winning economist) endorsed a revenue neutral carbon tax in a Wall Street Journal editorial yesterday. 

"A revenue-neutral carbon tax should be supplemented by a reasonable and sustained support for research and development in the energy area. However, we would eliminate any program (loan guarantees, etc.) that tempts the government to get into commercial activities. Clearly, a revenue-neutral carbon tax would benefit all Americans by eliminating the need for costly energy subsidies while promoting a level playing field for energy producers."

There are some sensible things here. 

Click here to read the entire article

It must be the revenue neutrality that got this one through. Less than two weeks ago, the WSJ opined: "Some of our conservative friends want us to endorse a carbon tax, and it certainly beats taxing income. But until someone finds a way to stop [Congressional] liberals from using the additional revenue simply to expand the government, we're with the ... Senate's anti-carbon tax majority."


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