Thursday, October 24, 2013

Congressman Grayson's Tasteless KKK Reference...

Congressman Alan Grayson's recent fundraising email to prospective contributors is a disgrace. In it, he posts a picture of a burning cross that represents the "T" in Tea Party. Grayson is also quoted to say" at this point, the tea party is no more popular than the KKK."

While I don't consider myself a fan of either group, to equate the tea party with a hate group is a bit of a stretch. I know of no example where there are duly elected congressman with full and wide spread endorsement from the KKK. On the other hand, there are dozens of elected congressman who can thank the tea party movement for their current positions.

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Not that long ago I felt the Democratic Party had two bright, youthful faces that would surely play a prominent role in party politics on the national level. Both seemed energized, determined, smart and capable of providing some fresh leadership on an otherwise somewhat short bench. Certainly when compared to the GOP's bench of future leaders Rubio, Paul, Ryan, Christie, Cruz, etc. 

Their names were Anthony Weiner and Alan Grayson and I was wrong.

Weiner has too hard of a time keeping his privates to himself, and wasted a second chance. He's done. Grayson seems to be one you can count on to throw gasoline on a fire, instead of devising ways to extinguish it. To my mind, a KKK reference is in the same ballpark as a Hitler reference is. Its stupid, its over the top and it diminishes the person saying or writing it.

The Republican Party will, I think, sort through its current issues eventually. The Democratic Party doesn't seem to have many folks ready to step up on the national stage and lead in the post-Obama era. While I think there's a good chance Hillary Clinton will run and receive the Party's nomination in 2016, I'm not so sure she will be the slam dunk many progressives feel she is. Mrs. Clinton has some explaining to do when it comes to Bhengazi and pounding the table and barking "what does it matter" (while taken out of context) is going to be front and center in opposition media ads. Count on it.

Mr. Grayson, had he played his cards more along the lines of Minnesota's Senator Al Franken, who has mostly quietly tended to his business and proven to be a serious member of the Senate, could have been a factor going forward in Democratic politics. He will not.

Instead, Mr. Grayson will be a sideshow.

For more of Mr. Grayson "thoughtful" remarks, I direct you to the follow video collection:


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