Monday, October 21, 2013

Who's Really To Blame for Rising Health Care Costs?

Josh Moon from the Montgomery Advertiser writes:

Let me break some bad news: You’re being played

 A small number of people with their own self interests in mind are running a con game on you concerning the health care reform. They’ve convinced you — and it wasn’t hard to convince some of you — that Obama’s goal is to limit your health care choices, redistribute your wealth and control your lives.

Moon lays out in clear and concise fashion where the blame is better placed for increasing health insurance premiums. Rather than understand (more importantly accepting) that insurance companies have been increasing our rates for over a decade while the "free market" did its magic, too many people are quick to point the finger at President Obama's Affordable Care Act. Which is ironic because for the first time in memory the insurance companies now have limits to how much they can increase the premiums on health care plans. They also have to justify their increases. They also have to spend a minimum of .85 of every premium dollar on actual health care (as opposed to marketing, advertising, executive compensation, etc) or refund people some of their money.

Two things strike me as headshakers in this ongoing debate. The irrational refusal to accept that the free market hasn't served us well enough and that the ACA isn't to blame for everything that is wrong in the world of health insurance today.

Moon makes his case in less than two pages, give it a read here...


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