Monday, October 7, 2013

Has Obamacare Caused An Increase in Part Time Jobs?

According to Barry Ritholz from the Biog Picture blog, the answer is no:

A reader emailed the following question about this weekend’s WaPo column (ObamaCare: Investing Advice for Senator Ted Cruz):
“How can you make investment decisions about future returns in light of Obamacare driving so many workers to part time status?”
Ahhh, a classic bit of misdirection — an assumption built into a question. The first step in answering that is to verify the reality of that assumption: Has Obamacare actually caused an increase in part-time employment?
As you can see in the black line below, the number of part time workers spiked because of the Great Recession. It peaked and began to slowly reverse before the ACA was even passed. No, there does not appear to be an increase caused by Obamacare.
 (Click to enlarge chart)

Read his full article here...


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