Thursday, January 5, 2012

50 Reasons to not repeal Obamacare...

50 reasons to not repeal the Affordable Care Act...(From the Health Stew Blog)

I confess, every time I hear Mitt Romney say that his first act as President will be to "repeal ObamaCare" (aka: the Affordable Care Act), I grit my teeth and go grrrrrr.
It's this: as I discussed in an earlier post, while a large proportion of Americans say they don't like the ACA, they also say they like many of the law's provisions. But Mitt and his competitors for the Republican presidential nomination never get asked about those individual provisions the public likes. And the press corps has been thoroughly complicit in letting them get away with this.

As a public service, I am listing 50 provisions I ask the media to ask Romney et al if they are committed to repealing as President. (Click on the ACA link above if you would like to read the actual language in the ACA text.)

Here we go: "Governor Romney, if you are elected President, are you committed to repealing the section of the Affordable Care Act (section # in parenthesis) that:

1. Prohibits health insurance companies from imposing lifetime or annual benefit caps on health insurance policies and consumers? (1001)
2. Prohibits health insurance companies from rescinding an individual's insurance coverage because of an error or misstatement on a coverage application not connected to fraud? (1001)
3. Requires health insurances to cover proven clinical preventive services without co-pays or deductibles? (1001)
4. Permits parents to keep their adult children up to age 26 on their health insurance policies? (1001)
5. Requires health insurers to provide enrollees with a clear summary of benefits and coverage not to exceed four pages? (1001)
6. Requires health insurers to spend no more than 15 or 20 cents of every premium dollar on profit, marketing, administrative costs as opposed to medical expenses? (1001)
7. Sets national standards for administrative simplification to reduce the paperwork burden on patients, providers and insurers? (1104)
8. Prohibits health insurers from refusing to cover individuals based on pre-existing medical conditions? (1201)
9. Requires the establishment of health insurance exchanges in each state to provide an easy, online way for consumers to compare and buy health insurance? (1311)
10. Provides tax credits to income eligible individuals to be able to afford to purchase health insurance? (1401)

For reasons 11-50, please click here...


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