Monday, January 2, 2012

Good for Rick Perry...

 Politico is reporting deep divisions within the Perry Presidential campaign. Mostly existing of a conflict between Perry's long time advisors and the new group of specialists brought in to help with the campaign. No direct sources are quoted, except for in anonymous fashion. Today, Politico's chief White House Correspondent, Mike Allen interviewed Gov. Perry about this story, with Perry challenging Allen to produce the source. Allen either would not or could not and turned questions back onto the candidate.

Watch the short clip:

I think Perry was absolutely correct to take the stance he did. His doing so doesn't mean Allen's report is wrong, it just serves the purpose of casting some reasonable doubt as to its accuracy. Maybe Politico has the story dead to rights, maybe they don't. Let's assume Allen's sources demanded confidentiality, which is likely. Allen doesn't say that however, he just wiggles uncomfortably and then tries a not so different approach.

I understand why Allen wouldn't give up his sources, but it really does put a different spin on the notion that there are big problems internally for Perry. Should he have handled it differently? Sure, but when most media outlets would've run the same story in a heartbeat, how could Politico not? Its hard for me to believe they targeted Perry soley on this charge, since they could've made the claim about any candidate's campaign they wanted given the vagueness of their story, right?

I suspect there is something to the story. Its plausible. How much is truth, I don't know. I'm no fan of Governor Perry. I don't consider him as a serious threat to win the Republican nomination. I just thought it was a proper way to handle the situation he's in.


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