Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Really, Mr. Romney?

Romney tells Newt Gingrich, "...And I think you should recognize that having differences in opinion does not justify labeling people with highly-charged epithets."

I, of course, agree you shouldn't stoop to name calling, demeaning language or misrepresenting anything your opponent believes. I think Newt Gingrich is a desperate candidate who sees his chances slipping away and is unable to do much to stop it. He knows Florida was big for Romney. It wasn't very close, so this isn't a very good batch of lemons to perhaps make into lemonade. Michigan's primary is coming up soon, which is Romney's home state so chalk that one up as a loss, then shortly after that will come Utah. Utah is the home base for all Mormons in the United States and Gingrich's chance of upsetting Romney there is nil. Or as Elvis Costello once wrote, Less than Zero.

Presuming there's no dead girl or live boy that shows up in the Romney campaign over the next several weeks, I believe he will be the Republican nominee to challenge President Barack Obama in November. Wouldn't it be a surprise if Romney practiced his own advice in the general election campaign? No calling Obama a Muslim, Socialist, a radical, etc...Certainly don't suggest he doesn't love this country or know what it means to really be an American, etc...

The person who wins elections at this level should do so on merit. Not on who has the sharper tongued speech writers, debate coaches and advisors. I hope we have a polite, respectful competition between Romney and Mr. Obama but I'm almost certain we will not. 

With the impact of the Citizens United case, we've come to a place where money is literally no object in politics anymore. For candidates like Rick Santorum, money is a real and serious hurdle that prevents him from sustaining a long term campaign. But for both Romney and Obama...there's no worries that there's not enough dough. Both campaigns have a crapton of money, plus the Political Action Committees (PACS) for each side have a fiscal faucet that has no off position. 

I do hope that Mitt Romney takes the high road later this year when he turns his full attention towards President Obama. Likewise, I hope our President acts and campaigns in a fashion that fits the position he currently holds. 

We deserve a higher level of debate given the stakes. 

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