Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Abortion Isn't What Mitt Romney Wants To Be Talking About...

With the comments over the weekend from Missouri congressman Todd Akin about abortion, there have been many columns linking Paul Ryan to Akin's stance on abortion. At least in part. While such talk may warm the hearts of the far right, I'm not sure what it does to the undecided voters who will ultimately decide this year's general election in November.

While the Romney campaign has distanced themselves from those comments, it's yet another several days of where the Romney machine has lost control of the news cycle. Another few days of playing defense when it should be slowly but surely moving in for the kill against their opponent 

Granted, Akins foolish comments about abortion have created a problem, that I suspect will result in his withdrawing from his contest in Missouri. That won't be the end of the problem for Mr. Romney. As it comes out that VP nominee Paul Ryan worked closely on the language of an abortion bill with Mr. Akins, it will keep the story alive.

Generally, most of us agree that in certain cases, (rape, incest, life of the mother) abortion is okay. That is not, generally speaking what the gop appears to believes in.

Most people don't have a hard position on abortion. Most people think that in some special cases it is alright to do yet in others is it is not alright to do. No one loves the idea of an abortion ever. It has been the law of the land for a while now. Many reasonable people simply feel it is a women's choice. Period. The soon to be released Republican platform, which is a bit of a roadmap for the party, is expected to have  very very strong language against all abortions.

It will be very interesting to see what happens to Romney and Ryan's approval ratings over the next few weeks. This is not what they want to be talking about right now.

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