Thursday, August 30, 2012

Best Tweets from the Paul Ryan Speech...

Best Tweets from the Paul Ryan speech...

Paul Ryan really doing everything right with this speech. The GOP base is in mad, hot love with him.

Ryan never thought of himself as "stuck in some station in life," possibly because he grew up in a rich family.

"America is greatest force for freedom and liberty the world has ever known" -Ryan ,Obama & every other American leader ever

Ryan, the man who killed the Bowles-Simpson plan, now says it was "an urgent report" but Obama "did exactly nothing." 

Ryan says he wants a clean break from Bush-era fiscal policies. All of which he supported.

Sturdy, valuable speech by Ryan -- very lucid articulation of the argument against Obama. Cutting without being mean.

RT : Ryan first speaker to hold all Delegates attention. This place is hanging on every word.

this new debt commission Ryan is extoling? Ryan was on it and voted against its report.

Republican who speaks of debt crisis while (a) voting for GWB's deficits + (b) proposing new round of regressive tax cuts isn't credible.

Biggest applause line "We have suffered no shortage of words in the White House. What we are missing is leadership in the White House" Ryan

Sarah Palin makes Paul Ryan look like an amateur and they had the same speechwriter

"Our nation needs this debate. We want this debate. We will win this debate." -- Ryan on Medicare. 

RT : Ryan: Let's make "the safety net safe again" By wrecking food stamps and Medicaid? Seriously, I'm speechless.

I agree with : Ryan's speech was perfectly fine, but Condi's speech was the stronger of the two. Felt more vice-presidential.

Was Ryan's the most brazenly dishonest convention speech ever? Here are 5 times he twisted the truth

Fact checkers are going to have a field day with Ryan's speech

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