Friday, August 31, 2012

Best tweets from Mitt Romney speech...

Best tweets from Mitt Romney speech...

Romney comes into arena through the crowd. Shakes hands getting to stage. Nice bit of stage-craft there. 

"I wish President Obama had succeeded because I want America to succeed." -- Romney. 

Romney: We can stand and say, "I'm an American. I make my destiny. And we deserve better!"  

RT : Who sent Neil Armstrong to the moon? The government did. With tax dollars.

When this is over, I think people will feel they do know Romney. Not a speech to quote; a speech that works.

15 minutes in and no substance. I guess his polls/focus groups say that is what he most needs to do: humanize himself 

"You know there's something wrong with the job he's done as president if the best feeling you had is the day you voted for him." Devastating

Romney's biggest applause line so far: "We don't apologize for success"

I gotta say, Romney picked a good time to give his best speech ever.

Glad to hear Romney talk about poverty. Indisputable that Romney's budget would hugely cut spending on programs for the poor.

We must rein in the high cost of health care by repealing the Medicare cuts in Obamacare.

Romney: "President Obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans and heal the planet. My promise is to help you and your family."

People are laughing at Obsma's promise to address global warming. That will be shown in some PBS documentary in 2050.

This is, for Romney, a very good speech. It tees up that OTHER (non-economy) knock against Obama: restore America's greatness in the world.

Strongest part of Mitt's Strong Speech: Weaved in "jobs" top to bottom. Weakest: Tried to do too much, meandered.

I've been to every convention since 2000. Inside the arena, this was most tepid crowd response for a nominee's speech I've seen.

It ticks me off that GOP acts as if it has monopoly on pride in America and on the symbols of American nation.

Romney said Obama began his presidency "with an apology tour." Pants on Fire!  

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