Saturday, May 4, 2013

"This is what we live for..."

The 2013 National Hockey League playoffs are underway.

Its a time like no other. In a sport like no other. I'm 52 years old and can remember following the Pittsburgh Penguins on the radio when I was 9 years old. Other than my immediate family I suppose, its the longest love affair I've ever had. Or will.

There is something special to hockey that I haven't seen from the other major sports come the playoffs. Many will beg to differ and I respect their opinions, but having followed baseball and football as well as hockey since I was a kid, I can say for me at least, nothing equals the high drama of the NHL playoffs.

Here is an extraordinary video presentation that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) showed a short video feature prior to game one on the first night of the playoffs. Covering all eras, it is tastefully and powerfully done. The producer who deserves all the credit is Mr. Tim Thompson, who works for the CBC. Well done, Mr. Thompson, well done!

Enjoy it...

(h/t Hockey Unfiltered/Sirius XM)

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