Saturday, February 4, 2012

Barack Obama: Master of Disguise?

 Barack Hussein Obama is the President of the United States of America. Rightly or wrongly, controversy seems to follow this man. Whether its the blunder of not putting his hand over his heart at Tom Harkins picnic back in 2008 or jumping to conclusions about the police acting "stupidly" in the Harvard Law Professor story that led to the infamous beer summit in 2009, its clear that this is an imperfect human, to be sure.

One of the privileges of serving as our Commander in Chief is that he gets to work out of the historic Oval Office. A uniquely built room where the leader of the free world does most of his work.

One is expected to carry themselves with a sense of respect and dignity while in such a place. Especially the highest elected official in all the land. This particular Oval Office has been in service since 1934 when FDR was president. The history this room has witnessed is impressive, to say the least. It may be the most famous room in America.

It was with great disdain that I noticed a thread on facebook recently focused on this picture:

A picture of President Obama discussing something with a group of advisers doesn't seem unusual, does it? No, of course not. What's noteworthy is where President Obama's feet are. ON TOP OF THE FAMOUS RESOLUTE DESK!!! Most of us were raised to not put our feet on the furniture as kids, right? Right. Its disrespectful to do something like this. You can only imagine the outrage reflected in the comments on that FB thread. Here's just a sample: (I've deleted photos and last names to protect their identity...)

  • Tom W. - Hey,,, asswipe,,, get your stinking feet off OUR desk!
    10 hours ago ·
  • Patty A. - That's the desk from Queen Victoria. He has no respect for anyone. Get out of the White House, usurper!
    10 hours ago ·
  • Tim D. -  What a jerk! No respect for the office.
    10 hours ago · 
  • Robert M. - To show the bottom of your feet is a muslim insult. Shows what he thinks of his clown minions. Get your Effin feet off the desk you Effin arrogant, uncouth muslim asshole!
    9 hours ago · 
  • Joseph F. -  He does this because he is a DUMB ASS!
    8 hours ago · 
  • Sandy P. -  A complete dumb ass.
    8 hours ago · 
  • Leo N. -  I love how he disgraces he office every freakin' day! disgrace
    8 hours ago · 
  • mj - He loves to put his feat up. Not terribly presidential if you ask me.
    7 hours ago
  • Brian S. To bad he didnt fall back and crack his freakin head open
    7 hours ago
  • Ed N -  disrespectful
    6 hours ago
  • Tricia S. -  there's nothing to respect about him!! I respect the office of President, but he disrespects the office at every opportunity!!
    4 hours ago
  • Tricis S. - Shame it's being so dishonored!!
    2 hours ago

Hard to blame them, isn't it? Thank God good decent common folk like those above are on top of this stuff. He might as well have pissed right on the carpet while he was at it. Unfortunately, this isn't the worst of it friends. Barack Hussein Obama has decided to denigrate a few other of our previous Presidents just so we don't catch him in another embarrassing picture. I didn't know the White House had make up artists who had THIS much skill. In this picture, Obama and his minions have changed his appearance to make him look just like George Bush, Jr. ...

...and trust me, it wasn't the first time Obama used the GW disguise...

Shameful, isn't it?

He doesn't stop there, either. Somehow, his fancy, tax payer paid make-up artists figured out how to make him look like former President Gerald Ford:

Sonofabitch! How did he do that? Damn!!!

He even dares, (how could he?) to disguise himself as our long lost most-beloved leader Ronald Reagan and put his (you-know-what) ass right on the desk. I'm speechless...

...and it just goes downhill from here...More "Obama in disguise" pictures the crack staff here at Reasonable Conversation uncovered...

(not sure how they did that one...)

(clever, I'll admit..)

(you knew this one was coming, right?)

So now that Barack Obama is not only President of the United States but also a master of disguise, what are we to do? Oh dear!!!

How about we stopping shitting our collective pants every time this man does something that's not quite perfect, eh? Personally, I don't think any President should put his feet or butt on the Oval Office desks but seriously, who cares? If you're not outraged by all of them doing it, but just Obama, then please be quiet.

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  1. Bill:
    Logical....intelligent and perceptive. As usual. Nice work.

    Terry Mercury