Friday, February 10, 2012

What were you thinking, Andrew?

 I'm not a big fan of Andrew Breitbart.

About the only thing I've liked how he handled was the Anthony Weiner situation where everything he said was true turned to be true. I think he's blowhard for the right, and in general I'm no fan of blowhards regardless of their political affiliation.

There's a video making the rounds of Breitbart flipping out on a group of Occupy protesters in Washington DC. Both Breitbart and the protesters were drawn to the 2012 Conservative Political Action Committee meetings (CPAC).

As I've written before, I think for the most part, the Occupy protests haven't achieved very much. I also think they could have done better by emulating a few tricks out of the Tea Party handbook.

So, basically two entities here I think mostly waste our time. Now, onto the video...

The Occupy people are out in the street, banging their drums, chanting their slogans against CPAC, etc. In other words, doing what they do. Brietbart is seen approaching the group and begins to shout at them "behave yourself!" He doesn't just say it once or twice. He says it throughout the course of this :87 second video twenty two times. He also calls the group "freaks" and "animals" and then "filthy freaks." He also implores the Occupy group to "stop raping people!" at least four times.

I'm not sure that I'd call this a meltdown, but no other term comes to mind. Why did he walk over to them? Why did he say what he said to them, and why for God's sake did he say it so many times? Either he just snapped under the toxic cocktail of a conservative convention and the Occupy folks OR this was a stunt of some sort. Either way, it was a waste of time, of breath, etc.

As one site describes it, enjoy this "instant classic..."

Its almost like two drunks yelling at each other. None of it makes a damn bit of sense, its annoying to almost everyone and it changes nothing.

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