Sunday, February 19, 2012

So its the dog's fault?

"He climbed up there all by himself..."

Mitt Romney, Republican candidate for President, commenting on his storing of the family dog in a car top carrier on a twelve hour car trip during a family vacation back in 1983.

Watch him explain it to Fox's Chris Wallace...

I'm not going to suggest that this single matter would be a suitable one to judge Mitt Romney's potential as our next President, but it is a little nutty. I'm surprised his wife would let him get away with that. Usually, wives are pretty good at stopping us husbands before we do something patently stupid. This was extremely poor judgement from a person campaigning on the idea that his judgement would be better than any of his Republican rivals for the party nomination.

His explanation that A) The dog run up there on his own and B) he was unaware of the Massachusetts State law is weak. He would've been better to say "You know, I don't know what I was thinking. I shouldn't have done that and I'd never do it again. No excuses..."

I'd heard about this over the last few months but hadn't taken it seriously. I thought it was probably a joke or the kind of thing debunks. It sounded crazy.

He actually did this? Wow...

In a separate interview about the matter with WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh back in 2007, Romney complained that the animals rights group PETA has had issues with him in the past and that his dog "liked the fresh air."

Again, no accountability present here, is there?

We're now moving toward two issues here. The first is the judgement back in the 80's that it was ok to transport a dog that way. The second is his pattern of making excuses. Poor judgement and excuse-making aren't great attributes for a Presidential hopeful, are they?


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