Saturday, February 25, 2012

Incredible footage of what life is like in Homs, Syria...

Remarkable footage of the situation in Homs, Syria shot by a photographer named "Mani." Trusted by the freedom fighters, the quality of his video is breath-taking. Compiled and edited together by UK Television Channel 4, the extended report provides a graphic picture of what those on the ground are dealing with. By allowing a longer than usual length for this report, you're able to get some context, some feel for what its actually like. Frankly, for most Americans, this is utterly foreign to us. Long form journalism is great for situations just like these. Too bad we don't see more of this caliber of work here in the States.

Watch it yourself and consider whether what, if anything, the United States should do to help those being slaughtered...

While its unclear who exactly is behind the uprising, there are questions whether its a similar revolt to that in Egypt, Tunisia or Libya or rather, something more orchestrated by Al Qaeda off-shoots, the intensity and the humanity of the piece is intact. I think its a matter of time before the United States gets involved. In what way-be it intelligence, financing, armament, or actual boots on the ground-I can't say. Typically, those behind these type uprisings would prefer to handle it without US aid or assistance. On the other hand, at some point in the battle, you take whatever help is available, I suppose.


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