Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Best Defense of the Individual Mandate I've heard yet...

The Supreme Court of the United States has set aside time next Spring to hear arguments regarding the Affordable Care Act's Individual Mandate's constitutionality. Some say its an acceptable measure under the Commerce Clause, while others say its wrong to require citizens to purchase anything against their will. Plenty of smart minds on both sides have weighed in and it will be interesting to see how the Court winds up ruling.

Given the partisan, over-heated rhetoric about President Obama's health care reform, there is a segment of our population that feels the whole health care bill is a tremendously big government over-reach. A trampling of our Constitutional rights, if you will. A threat to our liberty and just another sign of the tyrannical leaders currently in power in Washington DC.

Many people have weighed in on the matter, including this gentleman, just three short years ago:

Take it away, Mr. Gingrich:

Maybe he'd say he was wrong them but right now, kind of like he's done with climate change recently, but its pretty damn fishy to me when someone pivots THIS hard in such a short time with no new empirical evidence as to why it would'nt work.

Like it or not, those of you who think Obama's a socialist because he wants the mandate have simply fallen for the joke, delivered so passionately by those on the far right. You've been used and at some point, its got to occur to some of you that it wasn't really done so to save our Country. Was it?

Now, if there are those of you who felt Mr. Gingrich was a Socialist bastard three years ago, then I applaud your position. The lame stream media certainly wasn't decrying the individual mandate as a potent threat to our Constitutional rights back in 08 because of what Gingrich said. It didn't get all scary until our President decided these voices from the Right, who thought of the mandate in the first place were right.

Why would that be?

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