Monday, December 26, 2011

C-Span's Brian Lamb reads viewer emails...

C-Span's founder, Brian Lamb was on my mind early this morning. I had my XM radio tuned to the radio feed of Cspan's morning show "Washington Journal," and his name came up. Recently, I've enjoyed Mr. Lamb's interviews on the Sunday night broadcast of Q&A. It's honestly hard for me to realize that Cspan has been around for almost 33 years or, since I graduated from high school. While its not for everyone, its broadcasting of our Government at work has been, at times, riveting television. Its also a wonderful archive source for research.

So, I wanted to read a bit more about Mr. Lamb's career and his network and I came across this video of him reading a few viewer emails he'd received after conservative talk show host Micheal Savage had received a "Freedom of Speech" award from Talker magazine back in May of 2007. Cspan did not carry the award presentation or Savages comments, which caused some frustration in the Savage nation. The clip below is just two minutes long but makes for highly entertaining viewing of Lamb reading a few gems on the air.



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