Friday, December 16, 2011

Miniature Wunderland Video...

Miniature Wunderland, the worlds largest model train display is located in Hamburg, Germany. Its not like the model railroads we used to play with as kids. Its entirely another level, that almost defies belief.

It has more than thirty-seven thousand feet of track and the display itself takes up more than twelve thousand square feet.

Covering several different Countries, it impressively recreates in phenomenal detail cities, villages, sports stadiums, highways, harbors, airports and of course, railroads. A head shaking 890 trains, over 300,000 lights, 215,000 trees and 200,000 human figurines. The exhibit transitions from day to night to emulate a typical day. Its incredible.

Enjoy this video:

There are more videos on their website that I encourage you to check out.

(Thanks to Dave Elkin for the heads up)


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