Friday, December 2, 2011

Reasonable Conversation passes ten thousand hits...

A few days ago, the Reasonable Conversation Blog went past the ten thousand hit mark. This seemed like a good time to pause and thanks the readers who have made RC a stop along their daily internet journeys.

Traffic to the blog appears to be picking up steam. Back in early September, when we marked the 5,000th hit, we averaged about 280 hits a week or 40 hits per day. The trend since then is closer to 430 hits a week / 62 hits a day, which is about a 55% increase in traffic.

I've been told over and over again that building readership takes time. I also pay a price by not advocating for a hard line political position. If I was far right or far left, I could trash the other side on a daily basis and score, what I feel are, cheap points. From a base position of slightly to the left, I'm not bound to a rigid rhetorical base, which leaves me plenty of journalistic room to slide right or left depending on how I feel about an issue.

With almost 350 posts to the blog, I think I've stayed on track with my original goal. Which was to be fair-minded and reasonable as I comment on various issues. A few of you have commented that I'm not reasonable for this position or that, and I'm not surprised. What I consider a reasonable stance may not jive with what another person may feel is reasonable. I think that's to be expected. All in all, I feel good about where I am today opinion wise.

Its also a good time to look back and share with you the most popular posts (by hits) Reasonable Conversation has had so far in its seven months of existence:

The top five:

1) Relax: Asthma Inhalers NOT being banned... (284 views)

2) Honor them by what? Posting on facebook? Nah... (222 views)

3) Is the Department of Veteran's Affair's banning the use of God at Military Funerals? (210 views)

4) Drug testing for Welfare recipients: Good or bad? (200 views)

5) With friends like you, who needs enemies? (Or, how to totally fuck up anti-bullying legislation) (184 views)


Thanks again to everyone who has taken the time to read something here at Reasonable Conversation. Looking forward to a great Holiday season and an exciting new year in 2012. 


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