Saturday, December 3, 2011

Herman Cain: We should know today if he stays in the race...

"It's been fun, everyone!"

The Herman Cain drama will have another chapter written later today when the embattled candidate for the Republican nomination for President announces whether or not he will continue to stay in the race.

There's been no shortage of coverage on Cain's issues over the last month or so. I wrote that I felt he should quit several days ago. Nothing has happened since then to change my mind.

In terms of predicting what will happen today, I say its 65-35 that he'll suspend his campaign. Remember, he's been exposed as having other weaknesses besides women.

Its stunning to me that Cain didn't vet himself more honestly before he began to spend other people's money to pursue a prize that he'll never possess. I've heard more than one interview with people that have interviewed him from both sides of the political spectrum that suggest this was more of a subsidized book tour and audition for Fox News than it was ever a serious presidential campaign.

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  1. Although I would like a president with business experience (or even who's read Hayek), I've become frustrated with his lack of political skill--I've just become so accustomed to handlers handling.