Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I voted...observations...

My voting experience...

6:45-pulled into the voting location for Precinct #53, Concord South Central in Troy, OH. Parking lot was overflowing, my estimate is that between 75-100 cars were parked in the lot, the grass and curb side...

6:50-walked into polling place. Saw roughly 70-80 voters and poll workers inside the Concord Township building. I checked in at the greeters table and reported promptly to line #3...I was 4th in line at this table.

6:57-gave my name and driver's license to the nice lady behind the table. She authenticated my information and had me sign in, and then told me to slide over to the next station.

6:59-a different nice lady cross-checked me off of her rolls and handed me my electronic voting card.

7:01-got in line behind five others waiting for a voting machine to become available..There were three stations, with eight Diebold voting machines each for a maximum of 24 voters casting their ballots at any given time.

7:09-stepped up to my machine, fed my card in, made my selections, and completed my voting process.

7:12-returned my card to the volunteers, got my voting sticker and left.

7:15-Pulled out of the parking lot, 30 minutes on the dot from when I pulled in.

There were no observers from what I could tell. As far as electioneering, there was a single middle aged man  standing by a flag and offering Republican voting guides. Everyone seemed to be ignoring him.

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