Monday, November 5, 2012

We're losing our minds, election eve edition...

Well, its almost here...

As I expected social media, facebook, twitter is approaching a critical mass. White hot, polar opposite rhetoric wars raging for most of the evening that in the end, don't mean a damn thing. The far right crowd is having a seizure and the far left crowd is already cooking up voter suppression plot lines. I doubt members of either group will sleep well tonight.

Mathematically, it certainly looks pretty good for Barack Obama to serve another four years in the White House. That's just fine by me. I don't think Mitt Romney is a bad guy, he's just not what I want. If he wins, we'll be ok. I'm worried about healthcare and the cost of possessing an over-sized military, but it'll be dealt with eventually.

I view the electorate as a bell shaped curve. Most people are in the middle, far fewer are on the edges. I want to say a few things to the fringe groups.

To the far left: 

Calm the hell down, you haven't won anything yet. If Obama wins, we're still going to have big problems to deal with and he's going to have to find a way to work with Congress. Yes, it takes two to tango, but he'll need to do more. Those of you who think that anyone who disagrees with your way of thinking is racist should be quiet. Every once in a while, yes, you run across a bigot, but that's not usually the case. Moving forward, you can't refuse to cut any entitlement program ever. Period. The pain has to be spread around, in a smart worthwhile way. If Obama wins, no strutting. We don't strut...

To the far right: 

As a slightly left of center person, I've had many memorable run-ins with the far right folks. Most are fine and just have a different opinion than I do on most things. Then there are the lunatic fringe elements. The kind that are SURE Obama's the worst POTUS ever, a socialist, a Muslim, a Kenyan, etc...You folks need to learn some manners. I've never heard such a stream of hatefilled, bigoted, racist, ignorant bullshit than I have from this loud but hopefully small subset of the conservative population. So many of you nutjobs are so sure Obama won't be re-elected, I'm looking forward to what happens to the "anyone but Obama crowd" types if he does win.Your rejection of most things science or math based is frightening to the rest of us. You're an embarrassment to most of us. Your ability to pivot to different issues when your argument gets shredded is as impressive as it is annoying. Regardless on who wins tomorrow, the rest of us would like to say just one thing to you.

Shut the fuck up, the rest of us are really tired of your crap...

To everyone: 

If you really think your side has all the right answers, well, get a grip, will ya? Neither Party has exclusive rights to good ideas and it will take solid ideas and leadership from both sides to make the progress we need to on our national problems. Politics as a team sport doesn't do much for our country. Cable news channels, talk radio and the book business, perhaps but the average Joe or Jane six pack don't benefit from Sean Hannity or Ed Schultz making some guest or caller look like a baffoon.

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