Wednesday, November 7, 2012

President Obama Wins Re-election, Some thoughts...

As I write this, its several hours since the major news organisations and networks called today's election for incumbent Barack Obama. I'm still shocked at the way the evening went, with one State after another falling as Nate Silver predicted they would, for the President. The long drawn out drama that was predicted never really came.

I'm being told that Obama crushed challenger Mitt Romney with minorities, single women and young people. It makes sense. Tonight almost seemed easy for the President.

What was a surprise was the number of other races that went in the Democrats favor. Elizabeth Warren defeating Scott Brown in Massachusetts. Claire McKaskill defeating Todd Akin in Missouri. Allan West losing in Florida. Tim Kaine winning in Virginia. Joe Donnelly winning in Indiana. Joe the Plumber losing in Ohio. Sherrod Brown winning in Ohio. Allan Grayson winning in Florida. Same sex marriage passing in two states. Etc...Even Michelle Bachmann had to fight for her life to save her House seat.

As bad as the 2010 mid-terms were for Democrats, 2012 seems to be almost as bad for the Republicans. Many of my conservative friends predicted a major landslide given President Obama's record. They were, of course, wrong. Completely wrong.

While I congratulate Mr. Obama on winning a second term, I see storm clouds ahead. A split Congress and not enough seats in the Senate to stop a filibuster. The fiscal cliff is looming and expected to be pushed into next year. I don't sense that any of the GOP leaders want to cooperate, regardless of tonight's outcome.

Speaking of the GOP, they'd better start re-branding their image fast. You can't alienate those groups I mentioned above. Well, you can, but you do so at your own peril. In four more years, hundreds of thousands of older voting Americans will have passed away. Voters who usually voted Conservative. Replaced by a like number of, based on demographic information we know, younger voters who are mostly minorities. Minorities voted for Obama in dramatic numbers...again. The GOP has to pick at least one specific group, and start a serious courtship. Soon. I'd suggest Hispanics and Latinos. Build the next 20 years of your party around that group and Marco Rubio.

If you don't, its not hypebole to suggest that the Republican Party as we know it today, will be little more than footnote going forward.

I am very pleased that Mr. Obama won re-election. Mostly due to the now secure implementation of the Affordable Care Act. It somehow seems as if justice has been served. Four more years of adult, responsible leadership for America.

To those who are upset that Mitt Romney lost, you have some thinking to do. A subject which I'll have more to say about later.

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