Saturday, November 10, 2012

Nursing Home Patients Lost in NYC?

The aftermath of Sandy will be felt in the New York City/New Jersey areas for a long time. One of the developing sad stories is the one in yesterday's New York Times.

Patients from the Promenade Nursing Home in Queens found themselves being evacuated to various emergency shelters in the area when the storm hit on October 29th. Close to 200 patients were relocated throughout the city without anyone from Promenade accompanying them or even their medical records. Both are violations of New York State regulations.

Reports of not enough food and a failed backup generator point toward a lack of proper planning and safeguards being put in place for the storm. Some family members are still searching for loved ones, in some cases with little to no help from Promenade employees.

From the Times article:

Interviews with employees indicate that Promenade failed to carry out basic responsibilities, including adding staff for the storm as required by the state, stocking enough medicine and flashlights, and preparing patients’ records in case of evacuation. The nursing home administrator, who runs the home day to day, left the city — on what he said was a “personal matter” — on Oct. 28, as the hurricane approached. The nursing director left the next afternoon to check on her sick husband; she did not return until Oct. 30, after the storm had blown over.

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  1. Very interesting post Bill. This is certainly sad to hear, My family just happened to be lucky that we had extra generators because Sandy definitely hit a lot of people close to us very hard. Thank you for sharing this with us.