Saturday, November 10, 2012

Politico Playbook: Mike Allen with David Axelrod...

Great post-election victory interview from Politico's Mike Allen with David Axelrod, long time President Obama confidant and advisor.

To the question of President Obama's first debate performance:

AXELROD: “I can't evaluate what was going through his head. I will say this: He worked hard. He read voluminously. He would read these big, thick briefing books on Romney, and he'd send back a memo with 40 questions, which reflected the degree of his  review. He got very granular. So it wasn't as if he was throwing the books away and putting his feet up on his desk and watching ESPN. He was working at it. ... I suspect, to some degree he succumbed to the same kind of trap that I would say most presidents do. ... He kind of showed up for a discussion, and Romney showed for a debate. The President was answering questions as if he was on ‘Meet the Press,’ and Romney was delivering his material, and he was going to deliver his material no matter what happened. There is a performance element to these debates. It may seem contrived, it may be awkward, but it's just what it calls for. It's not ‘Meet the Press.’”

Regardless of who you supported, its an interesting look behind the scenes of Obama's re-election bid.

Read it all here:


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